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ACTION DEVELOPPEMENT DU CANADA was founded by Douglas Agreda and Javier Marchan, two energetic and friendly individuals, who grew up loving the country and the people around them. Douglas and Javier began their charitable activities by donating their time in their community where they lived to participate in the food collection campaign for disadvantaged families in Montreal. Since then, its activities have grown, prospered and expanded. Action Développement du Canada wants to provide opportunities for all communities to live a better life. Their donations and help are offered to all people in need, regardless of race, religion or origin.


Founded in 2003 by Cecilia Ivonne Escamilla, the Centre d'Aide aux Familles Latino-Américaines (CAFLA) is a non-profit and charitable organization that operates in the boroughs of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie and Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension. The CAFLA was created to develop prevention and service programs for the Latin American community in Montreal. The CAFLA actions promote prevention, education and awareness.

Casa C.A.F.I.

Casa CAFI (Centre d'Aide aux Familles Immigrantes) is a non-profit organization founded in 1989. Its services are provided to immigrant families of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Its mission is to help, guide and inform immigrant families in their processes of integration to the society of Quebec. The Casa CAFI assists families and parents in fulfilling their roles as educators in a new social structure. It also serves community meals to solve the food problems of households in need.


The Chamber wishes to promote the socio-economic development of the Latin American community of Quebec, while supporting the growth of trade between Quebec and Latin America. By doing so, it provides a real platform to promote the talents and values of the Latin American community in the society of Quebec.

Blanch theater company

Founded in September 1960 in Mexico, the Blanch theater company  is dedicated to the research and creation of multidisciplinary theater. In its quest for innovation and new ways of expression, the company creates a force in its actions that allows the authors in Spanish of the Americas to transmit their artistic heritage to the public for 20 long winters in Quebec.

Hispanidad Québec

Hispanidad Quebec is a non-profit organization that promotes the encounter, solidarity, participation and development of the diverse Hispanic communities in Quebec. They seek to promote and preserve the Hispanic heritage, while aiming to coexist, participate, approach and integrate the society of Quebec.


LatinArte is the great showcase of the Latin American artists of Montreal. This non-profit organization, created in 2009, aims to facilitate the integration of the Latin American artistic community of Montreal through the development of links between Quebecois of all kinds of backgrounds. The main objective of the foundation is to promote encounters, discoveries and contacts between Latin American artists and other cultures.

La Casa de las Americas

La Casa de las Américas will be the first meeting point of the Latin American community in Quebec to offer social, cultural, educational, and business opportunities. All in one place with an approach of circular economy. They have the experience of their members to facilitate the integration and thriving of the Latin American community. The vocation of La Casa de las Américas brings together three pillars of life in society: community, business and culture.


The Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d'études latino-américaines (LIELA) is a research, exchange, education and dissemination unit, as well as an internationalization center, in the field of Latin American social sciences, with a Montreal and francophone perspective. The scientific issue at the center of the LIELA is that of the challenges of citizenship in a context of pluralism. The objective of LIELA is to foster interdepartmental and interuniversity collaboration and promote the experience in the UQAM and, in particular, in its faculty of social sciences. The LIELA hosts at the UQAM the RELAM (Réseau d'études latino-americaines de Montréal), a collaborative space for the “Latin Americanist community” of the four universities of Montreal (Concordia University, McGill University, Université de Montréal and UQAM).


This company is dedicated to the well-being of its clients by teaching them the steps necessary to guarantee a successful retirement by investing in real estate. Our team of experts is ready to develop different strategies for any type of client. We work with newcomers to Canada, foreign investors, students and Canadian residents in different situations. We provide options for each case. Our credit department deals with clients with debt and credit problems. We work with them to restore their solvency and free themselves of their debts. Once done, we design a savings plan and make recommendations so that, through our programs, they can achieve their financial goals and financial freedom or prepare them to buy a home. Our mortgage service seeks to find the ideal product with the lowest interest rates for our clients. We work with 20 different institutions. Our priority is to prepare our customers with a good credit rating, guaranteeing them sufficient savings. We evaluate and research the best mortgage product on the market. Our real estate division assists clients in this wonderful adventure of finding the perfect property by analyzing their needs, whether it's a property to occupy, an investment like buying apartment buildings or something smaller, like a duplex. We also serve companies looking for commercial and industrial buildings to open a business. Our 18 years of activity have allowed us to gain experience supporting our clients from beginning to end. We are proud of our service and attention to detail.


Legacy is a non-profit educational and cultural institute whose mission is to promote Spanish-speaking and affirm Latin American identities through a program of Spanish sustained from Latin American culture, literature and arts in a creative and human space of intercultural encounter and interlinguistic

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