Photo exhibition ÉTRANGEr

Photo exhibition ÉTRANGEr

Presented by RÉZO in partnership with the Centre communautaire LGBTQ+ de Montréal

The following exhibition is a selection of two conversation groups held between 2018 and 2019 for Latino immigrant men who have sex with men living in Montréal.

It was developed using a qualitative research technique called Photovoice, which uses photography in conversation sessions to learn about the opinions, attitudes and emotions of a human group around their own life experiences.

This research was based on the principle of integrating the community in each step of its design since 2017, in an alliance between the community-based organization RÉZO, its Spanish-speaking participants, the School of social work of the University of Montréal, various actors in the area of academia, COCQ-SIDA and the public health directorate of Montréal.

Various topics were addressed throughout the 7 thematic sessions, ranging from the sexual health of Latino immigrants who have sex with men to their experiences of integration into the host community. This exhibition is organized according to 8 key concepts: intimacy, intercultural love relationships, travel, body, sexual health, expectations, identity, and community.

We hope with this selection to provide a visual, sensitive and sensual testimony about the existence of a diverse and complex minority group in its geography; whose common factors are the Hispanic language and its Spanish colonial past.

(!) Warning: please note that some photos or comments are of a sexual nature.

Date : 2019-10-01 au 2019-10-18

Schedule : Monday to Friday  10h à 18h

Place : 2075, rue Plessis, rez-de-chaussée, Montréal H2L 2Y4

Public : Adultes, étudiants, professionnels de divers milieux

Cost : Free


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